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WorkandLife Group has been providing companies with custom-designed solutions for more than 10 years to help them manage projects for children and facilitate measures to balance work and family life.

We manage in-company Nursery and Daycar Centers, serving nearly 1000 families. We have been managing the Santander Bank Financial City Nursery School, with a capacity for 500 children, since 2004.  It’s one of the most highly-valued services by the bank’s employees and is the largest private nursery in Europe.

We’re leaders in the management of Supervised Playrooms at shopping centres and are present in more than 60 Playrooms which have served more than 780,000 children throughout the year.

Plus, we offer companies other work and family life balance services such as Camps, Days off Schol, Daycare programmes and Parent SOS.


Nurseries and Daycare Centers

Comprehensive management of in-company Nurseries, Daycare programmes, Days off School at work and Camps.


Supervised Playrooms

Comprehensive management of Supervised Playrooms in shopping centres and in-company events, social activities and workshops.



Training for teachers, leisure and free-time monitors and children through our After School Clubs.