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We are the first leisure and free time experience for kids from 3 to 14 years old.  We grow with them and their families.

This means we participate in the children’s development from year to year and our relationship with their families gets stronger as we involve them in our activities.

Our work philosophy is active, participatory and up-close to foster creativity, innovation, the environment and a kid focus so they can take part in managing their own leisure and free time.



Our Tribe is a large family which is identified with:

  • A tradition based on fun, adventure, cooperation and creativity
  • The motto “All of Us Are Important!”
  • A single language - laughing and trust
  • A single enterprising and creative spirit
  • A party at the end of each activity to which the families are invited.

As they grow within the Tribe, children go from one Clan to another with special activities designed just for them.